Solex 660 Band



Solex 660 Band

  • Boost your circulation with the 660 Band!
  • What if you could have more energy, your physical wounds could heal faster, your brain was sharper, and your heart was healthier?
  • Proper blood circulation is essential for these and every other function your body performs. It supplies every organ with oxygen and the nutrients needed to maintain optimal health.
  • The 660 Band was designed to primarily impact the bloodstream using 660 nm and 605 nm red lights.

How The Solex 660 Band Works:

  • The band is placed on your wrist, like a watch.
  • The red light lamp beads in the band face the inner wrist where the blood vessels come closest to the skin surface.
  • You have a major vein and artery that runs down the wrist.
  • They then reach the distribution of blood in the hand and circle back; thus, creating two major pathways of blood by the wristā€™s surface.
  • Additionally, because the vein and artery return, they pass by again, making four key touchpoints.

Solex 660 Band Feature

  • Comfortable and flexible watch-like band.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • 6 red lights: (3) 605 nm and (3) 660 nm.
  • Battery time: four, 45-minute sessions.
  • Band automatically shuts off after 45 minutes.