Sarcodes Used In Homeopathy

Sarcodes are used for the homeopathic support and correction of the indicated substance by providing the correct resonating signature of a healthy, well functioning gland or secretion.

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About Sarcodes
The word ā€œsarcodeā€ is the Greek word for ā€œfleshy.ā€ This is because sarcodes come from the flesh of animals. Sarcodes are made from healthy animal tissues and secretions. Sarcodes are made at a homeopathic labs from enzymes, glands, hormones,Ā  neurotransmitters and organs. Sarcodes will help to bring about rebalancing in the body and have been used for hundreds of years including in ancient times.

Like all homeopathic remedies, sarcodes are highly diluted and therefore 100% non-toxic. They are prepared at a licensed homeopathic lab using a multi-step process which involves either crushing, shaking, filtering, and then dissolving the original substance which in the case of a sarcode is the animal or human tissue or secretion.Ā  Then the dilution process begins to make a homeopathic solution in various potencies. The result is a homeopathic medicine is highly diluted containing just a very small dose of the original substance. The homeopathic sarcode remedy is then an energetic signature of the original substance that can stimulate healing of that function in the body.

HowĀ  Sarcodes Work In The Body

The used of homeopathic sarcodes offers to the body healthy tissue so that the body can use the information for the given tissue or function to improve.Ā  When presented with the healthy biological structure of an organ or secretion, homeopathic sarcodes stimulate the body with this energy to improve a particular function.

Sarcodes are used by Professional Homeopaths and prescribed in various potencies.Ā  They are more common used in the lower potencies such as 6C, 12C or 30C especially if they are prescribedĀ  on a daily basis. Below are some of theĀ  most commonly used sarcodes in homeopathic practice.

Sarcodes From Whole Endocrine Glands Include

  • Thyroidinum – of a sheep or calf
  • Pitutarium postenium – the post position of the pituitary gland of sheep

Sarcodes From Hormones Include

  • Adrenaline (Epinephrine): a hormone produced by the adrenal glands and may also be prepared synthetically. Its synthetic salt ā€œAdrenalin hydrocloricumā€ is also used.
  • Cortisone Acetate – Cortisone monoacetate
  • Cortisone – A crystalline -steroid hormone secreted by the cortex of the adrenal gland in humans
  • Adrenocorticotrophin (Syn-Acth, Corticotrophin:Ā  a polypeptide hormone secreted by the pituitary gland which controls the adrenal glands.
  • Insulin: a pancreatic hormone that controls ā€œSugar metabolismā€ in the body
  • Pepsin: a digestive ā€˜enzymeā€™ produced in the stomach, which converts proteins into peptones produced from the stomach of hog or pig (secretin).

Sarcodes From Extracts Include

  • Orchitinum (Testicular)
  • Oophorinum (Ovarian of cow, sheep, pig)
  • Pancreatinum (from pancreases of beef, containing digestive enzymes)
  • Corpus luteum (from ovaries of pregnant animals)

Other Sarcodes Include

  • Cholesterninum: a principle Steroid in higher animals, main constituent of gall bladder and bile
  • Fel tauri : fresh Ox-gall
  • Lecithin: Yolk of egg and animal brain
  • Mammary glands : from the glands of the cow and& sheep
  • Parotidinum: extract of the parotid gland of the ox
  • Placenta: human placenta
  • Spleen

About The Top Homeopathic Sarcodes

  • Adrenalin (Epinephrine): Internal secretion of supra renal glands. Its presence is essential to the activities of the sympathetic nerve. It stimulate the sympathetic nerve, causing constriction of the peripheral nerves resulting in rise in blood pressure & showing down of pulses strengthening of heart beat.
  • Cholesterinum: Cholesterol occurs in the blood, brain, yolk of eggs, seed and buds of plants, but most in the bile andĀ  biliary calculi.
  • Lecithin: A phosphorus containing complex organic body prepared from the yolk of egg and animal brain. Lecithin has a favorable influence upon the nutritive condition andĀ  especially upon the blood. It increases the number of red corpuscles and amount of hemoglobin.
  • The Mammary Glands: The extract is prepared from the glands of the cow and sheep. There is a relation between these glands and the corpus luteum and also with uterus.
  • Orchitidinum: Testicular extract can be used in case of senile decay and nervous breakdown. It can be also used in menopause issues. Testicular extract contains much nucleoprotein and has a tendency to lower blood pressure.
  • Oophorinum: Extract from the ovary of cow, sheep or pig. Can be given for menopause issues, cutaneous disorders, acne, ovarian cysts and complaints during the menses.
  • Pancreatinum: Extract of pancreatic and salivary glands of an ox or sheep. It is effective in conditions due to faulty action of the pancreas. Very effective in gout and for intestinal digestion. Pain an hour or more after eating.
  • Parotid Gland: An extract of the parotid glands of the ox has been used. It is effective in ovarian issues and headache, reflex from ovarian disturbances and for menstrual cramps andĀ  menorhagia.
  • Pepsinum: Prepared from pepsin a digestive enzyme produced in the stomach which converts protein into peptones, produced from the stomach of pig. Indicated for digestion, with pain in the region of the stomach as well as neurasthenia, diseases of nervous system, acute protracted diseases, surgical diseases, trauma, gastric cancer andĀ  ulcers. Useful in diarrhea of children & adults, dependent upon indigestion of the food.
  • Placenta: When placental extract is administered to nursing mothers the amount of milk is increased, and the infant receiving this milk grows more rapidly. It acts as lactation inducer to produce more milk.
  • Pituitary Gland: Pituitary exercises a superior control over the growth and development of the sexual organs. Stimulates muscular activity and overcomes uterine inertia. Will help to stop a cerebral hemorrhage and add absorption of the clot. Uterine inertia in second stage of labor where as it is fully dilated. High blood pressure, chronic nephritis, prostatitis. Vertigo, difficult mental concentration, confusion & fullness deep in frontal region. During pregnancy and before menses the gland is enlarged in certain cases the enlarged gland before and during menstrual period is attended with menstrual headache. This is usually relieved by the administration of the remedy.
  • Secretin: This is formed in the cells of the duodenum when they are acted upon by hydrochloric acid. It passes into the blood rather than along the alimentary canal. It activates the intestinal pancreatic secretions. It stimulates the peristalsis of the intestines and helps to relieve constipation. It is of benefit in gastro hepatic intestinal or digestive insufficiencies.
    It assists in raising the low urea output. Through its action in assisting intestinal peristalsis it assist in overcoming constipation & relieving intestinal stasis, fermentation and putrefaction.
  • Spleen: It is a part in formation of red cells.Ā  It is believed that it act as an activator of the pancreas and stomach by furnishing an internal secretion which supports trypsin. It has been used for enlargement of the spleen.
  • Thymus: It has been employed in certain cases of goiter. Used also rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Thyroidinum: Dried thyroid gland of the sheep is used for the preparation. It is effective in rheumatoid arthritis, infantile wasting, rickets and delayed union of fractures. It is very effective in undescended testes in boys.Ā  Thyroid weakness causes decided craving for large amount of sweets. It is of use in psoriasis. Used for arrested development of children. It improves the memory. It is very useful in goiter, excessive obesity, mammary tumor and uterine fibroid. Great weakness and hunger yet looses flesh. Nocturnal bed wetting.Ā  Vomiting during pregnancy. Various type of edema, because it is a powerful diuretic. A state of puffiness and obesity may be regarded as the keynote indication of thyroidinum.Ā  It has been noted in the action of growth of hair with hair falling of hair from scalp and abnormal growth in other parts.