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We are an authorized reseller of homeopathic and nutritional products.  We drop ship products from reputable and licensed homeopathic labs, homeopathic suppliers and various nutritional supplement companies.

Business Hours:

  • We’re located in the USA.  We do our best to reply to inquiries within 24 hours, during our business hours. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (PST).
  • We are closed all weekends and USA legal holidays.

Order Tracking:

  • All orders are confirmed with tracking information. Some orders will ship from more than one lab with more than one tracking email.
  • The email for your tracking information will come from HRO from the email of orders (at) HomeopathicRemediesOnline (dot) com.
  • For issues about receiving any order, first review your tracking email and then contact Customer Service

Remedies  Pill Counts:

  • All Boiron remedy vials have 80 pills with a dispenser cap.
  • 1/2 dram remedy vials have  75+ sucrose pills (#30 size).
  • 1 dram remedy vials have 125 to 140 pills (#30 size).
  • 2 dram remedy vials have 250 to 280 pills (#30 size).
  • All homeopathic remedies sold are made using the traditional Hahnemannian method from reputable, licensed and/or established homeopathic providers.
  • The Swann Method is used to make the CM, DM, MM potencies from the lab(s) that provide those potencies.
  • There are a few exceptions of certain remedies such as Megapotencies (10MM) or some MM remedies that use a Radionics machine to produce them. In those cases, it is noted in the description for each product that a radionics machine has been used.


  • Please read the  shipping policies.
  • All products are shipped to any location within the USA.
  • Most orders use the US Postal service.
  • Not all products are shipped outside the USA. Additional shipping rates apply for international orders and require longer shipping times.

Practitioner Accounts:

  • We do not offer Practitioner discounts.
  • We offer harder to find and unusual homeopathic remedies all at one location.

Acute Care Consulting Services With Experienced Homeopathic Practitioners

Please GO HERE NOW to request paid acute care or remedy recommendation(s) for a health condition.

  • Advice By Email: 1 day (24 hours by email) is $95.95  (USA only).
  • Acute Care: 7 consecutive days by e-mail is $195.95 (USA only).
  • Hair Testing is $195 – please go click here to order (USA & Canada).

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NOTE: This form is for inquiries about locating homeopathic and other products, shipping questions and finding a product.

We do NOT answer questions for advice about acute  care, any dosing or remedy selection. Paid services with a professional Homeopath are required at the above link.