Matridonial Homeopathic Remedies

About The Matridonial Homeopathic Remedies

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What Is A Matridonial Remedy?
Matridonial remedies, also known as matridonials are homeopathic sarcodes.  Like all sarcodes, they made from tissues into a homeopathic remedy. Matridonial sarcodes are derived from human tissues related to pregnancy, birth and motherhood.  Matridonial sarcodes are used to help strengthen the function of particular tissue, especially if that organ is imbalanced or deficient.  Matridonial remedies have the theme of supporting a person who feels lost or unconnected.  For example, in cases of traumatic or fast birth, other birthing trauma, adoption trauma, a mother who was not able or willing to breast feed, or early separation from the mother or family for any reason.

The Matridonial Remedies Names and Source Materials

  • Amniota Humana (Amniotic sarcode) – made from human amniotic fluid.
  • Folliculinum – made from human estrogen.
  • Lac Humanum – made from human milk.
  • Lac Maternum – made from human milk of nine lactating women at various stages.
  • Placenta (Placenta Humana) – made from human placenta.
  • Umbilical Cord (Umilicus Humanum) – made from human umbilicus.
  • Vernix Caseosa – made from the covering of the baby’s skin at birth.

Conditions For Using Matridonial Remedies In Homeopathy

The matridonal sarcodes are used most often with babies and children with a skilled professional Homeopath.  The use of matridonal remedies in classical homeopathy must fit the symptoms of the child’s case and key mental/emotional factors as well as issues surrounding birth, conception, breastfeeding or lack of it as well as  any physical or emotional traumas associated with that time period.

Key Symptoms For Using A Matridonial Sarcode include:

  • Physically: A floating sensation or feeling like they might floating away, a “dreamy” feeling
  • Absence of connection to humanity
  • Absence of empathy
  • Balance is often poor
  • Confusion of identity, not knowing who they really
  • Feeling very different than others
  • Feeling like they are not really human
  • Feeling like wanting to start over in life
  • Feeling isolated
  • Feeling guilty or not being the person they “should be”
  • Feeling spaced out or ungrounded

Key Themes For Each Of The Matridonial Remedies

  • Amniotic Fluid (Amniota Humana)
    Theme of grief, not fully incarnated, other worldly.
    The remedy Amniotic fluid helps to take the child or adult back to the place where we were formed. Connection to the return to the womb including any trauma that occurred during gestation. Getting information from the amniotic fluid about how one was formed and gaining information while in formation.
  • Folliculinum (Estrogen)
    Theme of control and pressure.
    This remedy has the feeling “fed off of” either emotionally or psychologically by others. Feels controlled by another. Feels like a doormat. Living out someone else’s expectations. Loss of individuality. Loss of will. Loss of individuality. Loss of self (Carcinosin). Looses herself in relationships. Out of sorts with her body’s own rhythms. Over estimates her energy reserves. Rescuer, addicted to rescuing people. Self-denial.
  • Lac Humanum – Human Breast Milk
    of nourishment physically and emotionally.
    All mother’s milk is consistent and almost identical in quality no matter how malnourished a mother might be, the variation is more on the quantity than on the quality of the milk produced. There are however subtle differences in it’s constitution to allow for the specific requirements of each infant and for the particular immunoglobulin profile of the mum, reflecting her own disease history.  Human milk helps to strengthen the baby’s physical body preparing it for his/her unique spiritual blue prints, at the same time as providing a safe platform for creating a sense of community, understanding and integration with all humankind on the planet.
  • Lac Maternum – Human Breast Milk From 9 Women
    Theme of nourishment physically and emotionally and bonding with one’s mother
    Made from the breast milk sarcode from 9 women lactating women at various stages.  Used for Infants or children crave pressure, swaddling, and small places to feel safe and grounded. Useful for birth trauma, preterm delivery, lack of mothering, and lack of breastfeeding or interrupted breastfeeding.  Adoption or early separation from the mother trauma. Sadness; Lack of joy in life. Sudden changes in mood; laughing alternating with weeping, joyfulness alternating with weeping, irritability and quarrelsomeness; fits of weeping. Questioning the meaning of life; chaotic inner feeling.
  • Placenta – Placenta Humana
    heme of belonging on the journey, feeling supported along the way, not wanted as a baby or child.
    This remedy is very useful in children with autism (Autism Spectrum Diagnosis – ASD).  Human placenta remedy is also very useful for birth trauma, preterm delivery, lack of mothering, and lack of breastfeeding.  There is a feeling of not being well nurtured in this remedy.  The essence of this remedy is being disconnected from source and self. Issues of identity, self-worth, belonging and not belonging. Issues about past mistakes made. Homesickness, connections, disconnections. Things that have been lost.
  • Umbilica Cord (Umbillica, Umbilicus Humanus (Human Umbilical Cord)
    Theme of connecting and unconnecting, cannot cut a tie and move on.
    Umbilical cord is one of the sarcodes that is very closely connected to birth and early development of human beings. Also useful for birth trauma, preterm delivery, lack of mothering and lack of normal breastfeeding. Small, premature and underweight babies may benefit from this remedy or those with trauma while in the womb or at birth.
  • Vernix Caseosa
    Theme of vulnerability and feeling exposed
    This remedy is for an unprotected person, insufficiently protected against the outside world. Experience the outside world as a threat. Feeling no boundaries, not feeling in contact with oneself. Not feeling connected to one’s needs and feelings. Feelings of guilt for not doing enough for others, Feeling insufficient protection from outside influences. Experience the outside world as a threat. Everything comes directly inside, and the outside world is experienced as being too intense. Over-sensitive to everything. Guilty feeling, with the feeling of not doing enough for others. It is impossible to say “no”. Sensitive to noise and smells. Desire to be held; desire to be swaddled. Feeling of fragility. They need to develop contact with their own needs and feelings. Not feeling centered within themselves. Strongly affected by suffering of other people and of the world at large; they cannot create a healthy distance.