About Steven K Scott, Neumi Founder

About Steven K Scott, Neumi Founder

About The Launch Of Neumi
Steven K. Scott’s latest project is called Neumi and he refers to it as the biggest health breakthrough he’s ever seen.  In 2007, Steven met Dr. Robert H. Keller, a renowned research scientist and medical doctor who had patented a breakthrough nutritional formula called Neumi, a nano glutathione product that is proven to increase cellular production of gluathione.  Steven funded a new company, Max International, to market the product globally. As a micro-business, Max International allows a person to begin a home-based business. In 2011, Max launched a skincare line and today Steve spends time promoting Neumi.
Steven K. Scott’s Story

Steven K. Scott flunked out of his first 9 jobs right out of college, but after reading the book of Proverbs, he learned 16 strategies that he applied to each area of his life. Steve is a best selling Christian author & billion-dollar business builder. Steve’s blessed entrepreneurship journey has funded his ministry.

Steven K. Scott is the best-selling author of The Richest Man Who Ever Lived, The Greatest Words Ever Spoken, and Mentored by a Millionaire. After failing in nine jobs, he started reading a chapter of Proverbs every day–and the wisdom of Scripture changed his life. Scott and his business partners have built more than a dozen multi million-dollar companies from scratch, achieving billions of dollars in sales. He is the co-founder of Max International, Total Gym Fitness, and The American Telecast Corporation. He is a popular international speaker on the subjects of personal and professional achievement and the application of biblical wisdom to every area of life.

Steven reminds us that Jesus commanded His disciples to make disciples of all nations in

.  He says many believers may be aware that Jesus commissioned His followers and everyone else who would follow in the future with one Great Commission.  Steven believes Jesus gave us not one but four lifelong missions.  Mission 1:  Become more intimate with God.  If we do not experience intimacy with God, all our efforts to achieve results of eternal worth will fall short.  Mission 2:  Accelerate your personal growth.  We will never be effective in ministry and in bearing spiritual fruit unless we concentrate on our spiritual maturity.  Mission 3:  Empower other believers to better follow Christ.  Jesus shows us patience, grace and mercy; though we are not capable of loving one another to the degree that He loves us, we can love one another in the same manner.  Mission 4:  Impact the lives of nonbelievers.  It is our nature to procrastinate, but there is no time for that when it comes to sharing the Gospel.

Steven says no matter what we say we believe, our hearts and actions express what we really believe.  When Steven’s son Ryan was 16, he qualified to compete in the National Junior Olympics Track and Field Championships in the high jump.  Before Ryan made his jump, he prayed: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Ryan made the jump and became the 2009 national champion.  Steven says his son encouraged the previous champion saying, “You’re still the best high jumper.” 

Steven failed at seven jobs and two businesses in his first six years after college. More than one boss told him that he would never succeed in his chosen field. Steven felt that he couldn’t succeed no matter how hard he tried. His income was less than the national average.  In 1974, he was challenged by relationship expert, Gary Smalley to read Proverbs daily.  Gary said, “There are 31 days in the month, and there are 31 chapters in the biblical Book of Proverbs. Every day, at the start of each day, read the chapter in Proverbs that corresponds to that particular date. Read two chapters on the last day of months that have only 30 days. Do that every day, month after month, and I guarantee that within two years you’ll be smarter than all of your bosses. Do it for five years, and I’ll bet you become a millionaire.” `

Dr. Smalley believed that the wisdom Steven would gain from Proverbs would change his life, and within two years, Steven co-founded a marketing company. Within a few months, that company, American Telecast, was making a million dollars a week, and Steven became a multi-millionaire. In 1976, Steven discovered and began marketing many everyday products. Some of those products include: Total Gym with Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley, Where There’s a Will There’s an A with John Ritter, Deal A Meal with Richard Simmons, Cher Skin Care with Cher, Max International, etc. Two years later, Steve co-authored his first two books with Gary Smalley, and American Telecast published both books, selling them in a television campaign featuring Pat and Shirley Boone.  The books, If Only He Knew and For Better or For Best, were Gary’s first books, as well. They became international best sellers and launched Gary Smalley’s world-wide seminar ministry.

Ten years later, Steve and Gary produced Gary’s video series, Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships, which were sold through television campaigns featuring John Tesh and his wife Connie Sellecca and Frank and Kathie Lee Gifford.


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