Vaccine Injury Prevention Program

Vaccine Injury Prevention Program

Customized Vaccine Injury Prevention Programs in the USA for those who must legally vaccinate. This program helps to prevent serious adverse reactions when a vaccine(s) must be given. Contact us to learn more.

The Vaccine Injury Prevention Program is available for infants, children, college students and adults who must receive vaccinations for school, college, employment or travel requirements.

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About The Vaccine Injury Prevention Program

  • A Brief Medical History for $99.95 is required and must be reviewed prior to acceptance in this program which includes prior vaccine history.
  • The required the online Vaccine Injury Prevention Course is about 8 hours to complete online. The methods used are comprehensive and include specific vaccine detox protocols, per each vaccine that must be given.
  • The homeopathic methods used are based on many years of clinical experience with vaccine injured clients and also recovering children with autism.
  • The monthly supervision fee is $200 for email access to a Certified Homeopathic Practitioner is required for the duration of the program.  This fee is  for experts supervision and any questions or concerns that arise during the Vaccine Injury Prevention Program.
  • The required homeopathic remedies that help the body to clear the vaccine ingredients are at an additional fee.
  • Includes learning the details of proven homeopathic strategies used to help mitigate against and prevent serious adverse reactions and injury, when vaccines must be given.

Vaccine Injury Prevention Programs are available for children and adults who are legally required based on state laws or organization requirements to have vaccines in any combination from the following:

  • DTaP, DT, Td, TDaP
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • HPV (Gardasil)
  • MMR
  • Meningitis
  • MMR
  • Influenza (Flu)
  • Polio
  • Pneumococcal
  • Tetanus
  • Tropical vaccines
  • Varicella
  • Yellow Fever
  • Etc.

The Key Features of the Vaccine Injury Prevention (VIP) Program include:

  • Completing an online Vaccine Calculator to calculate the total aluminum and other toxic excipients that will be given.
  • A review of the vaccines required and our recommendation of the best vaccine order for the required vaccines.
  • Recommended alternative manufactures for vaccine(s) that are lower in aluminum content, where available.
  • A rotation of the vaccines given that contain aluminum excipients with those that do not is required.
  • A maximum of one vaccine given per month is strongly recommended in this program.
  • Specific nutritional supplements to give before and after each vaccine to help boost the immune system’s ability to detox more efficiently.
  • Specific strategies to use on the actual day the vaccine is given to reduce the risk of serious adverse reactions or vaccine injury.
  • Homeopathic supports and detailed instructions are used to help prevent serious injury using a as part of the pre-vaccine, post-vaccine and detox protocols.
  • Additional homeopathic supports is also offered for parent(s) and children for any anxiety, grief and worry about the need for vaccines and the whole process.
  • The Homeopathic Practitioner is available by email for questions, emergencies, possible adverse reactions or other concerns as they arise.

Vaccine Injury Prevention Program Testimonials From Practitioners

“I recently completed the VIP course given and I have to say I was very impressed!  The protocol she developed is incredibly well researched and thorough. I truly believe it covers all the bases in regards to healing the damage that vaccines can inflict on the human body.  As a Homeopath, my hope is that my clients will choose to avoid vaccination whenever possible.  However if they choose to or are forced to do so, I feel much more confident that I can help them mitigate a serious injury if this program is implemented correctly.  I believe that I have a very valuable service that I can provide for my clients during these challenging times. I highly recommend that you learn this program and teach your clients how to use it if the need arises.” (Elena Pollard, Homeopathic Practitioner, Colorado, CO November 2020)


Vaccine Injury Prevention Program Testimonials From Parents

“Thank you so much for all of your help making me aware of vaccine dangers! I really appreciate it more than I can ever express!!! (Professional Mom of 1, Louisiana, USA, Fall 2020.)


“I am a huge proponent of homeopathy – I have been using it for myself and children for the past 7 years.  My sons and I have some existing health issues and so I was extremely concerned about needing to vaccinate my 12 year old son for school.  We had already followed the vaccine schedule (prior to learning about homeopathy) and did not realize that a lot of their health issues were due to those vaccines.  You can imagine my concern in exposing them to even more vaccines.  Luckily, I found this website through a friend whom had worked with them through a protocol.

We followed the protocol that was given, which was extremely comprehensive, for his 2 vaccines of Menactra for Meningitis and Adacel for TDaP.  He has not experienced any negative side effects at this point and he received the vaccines 2-3 months ago.  We are now starting the Vaccine Detox Program for the previous vaccines and will also do several other detox protocols including ones for antibiotics and steroids, which was used for asthma caused by the vaccines.  I cannot thank the Practitioner enough for providing the solution I have been looking for, for years! (Michele, Mother of 2 children, Pennsylvania, USA, October 2019.)


I had learned a great deal about homeopathy over the years, but only was aware of simple protocols following vaccines to prevent injury, such as Thuja. This did not prevent my daughter from having a seizure after her 3rdDtap shot and I then delayed continuing with vaccination until the laws changed in California requiring vaccination for school. She then received the MMR shot and also had a strong reaction with adverse side effects and I found information about VIP program. She was able to go through the Vaccine Detox Program for the reaction to the MMR shot as well as a detox from the steroids she had used due to asthma and recurring chest infections which developed after vaccinating.  

Since going through these protocols, her asthma has almost completely cleared and I have felt safe enough to continue with the mandatory vaccines required for school in California under guidance. We began the VIP program and she has received 2 doses of Polio with no side effects.  I have searched high and low for a homeopathic protocol to assist with tolerating vaccines as well as detoxing from prior shots and this program has been a lifesaver for us. We are so grateful to have found this remarkable VIP protocol to follow after vaccination as well as the detox program. We plan to continue with the Detox Program from antibiotics, as she had recurring infections – ear and chest – after vaccinations, to help with her allergies and gut health. We also will follow the VIP protocol for all the remaining shots required to attend school in CA. (Kathryn, mother of 1, Los Angeles, CA October 2020.)