How To Water Dose A Remedy

How To Water Dose A Homeopathic Remedy

These directions are for water dosing a homeopathic remedy for any acute illness.

What Is An Acute Illness?

  • “Acute” means the sudden onset of symptoms associated with a cold, flu, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.
  • Acutes are short lived events that will resolve and symptoms will disappear.
  • Symptoms that appear suddenly and appear for a few days or weeks are considered and acute.
  • Symptoms longer than 1 month are considered a chronic case in homeopathy
  • You don’t always have to treat an acute condition with homeopathy.
  • In less severe types of acute illness, you can sometimes just allow the body to deal with it naturally, when possible.
  • You may choose instead to support recovery from less severe acutes with with other safe, natural means such as nutrition and bed rest.
  • We most often recommend the use a 200C or 1M potency in acute care. The higher the potency (i.e. a 200C vs. a 30C), the stronger the remedy.
  • Most 30C remedies are readily available in most health food stores.
  • A 200C Acute Remedy Kit is a wise investment for any household.
  • If you are treating a family member who is very sensitive, such as a child with autism, the elderly and in a very weakened state or if treating a family member with a lot of pathology then we suggest using lower potency remedy.
  • You should consult with a Homeopath in sensitive cases.
  • Do NOT try treat for chronic or recurring symptoms without the advice of a Homeopath.

Items Needed To Water Dose A Homeopathic Remedy

  • Correct remedy in a 200C potency is recommended for acute conditions.
  • Filtered spring water (NO fluoridated water) in a clean, new plastic or glass bottle with sealable cap.
  • Plastic spoon
  • Rubber band to hold the spoon on bottle.
  • Label and marker to make a label for the Remedy Supply Bottle (RSB).

Why Only Use Two Pills To Water Dose?

  • The amount of pills used in the remedy bottle is very important. Using too many pills, even if it is the correct remedy, can cause aggravations.
  • When homeopathic remedies are manufactured, only a few drops of the tincture are placed on 500 blank pills.
  • We suggest using only 2 pills to avoid unnecessary aggravations.

How To Prepare A Remedy To Water Dose

  • We recommend using 2 pills in the water dosing bottle (RSB – Remedy Supply Bottle)
  • Do not touch the pills, just drop them in the bottle.
  • We recommend that a 30C is made using 4 oz. of water in a bottle – any exceptions will be noted by your homeopath.
  • We recommend that a 200C is made using 8 oz. of water in a bottle – any exceptions will be noted by your Homeopath.
  • Dissolve remedy pills complete and mix to blend (don’t shake or succuss) before dosing

Instructions For Water Dosing A Remedy

  • Take 1 teaspoon from the bottle as the standard acute dose or as recommended by your Homeopath.
  • Hold the remedy in your mouth 3 seconds before swallowing. (Have kids nod their head or you count to 3 while they hold the remedy in their mouths.)
  • Client must have a clean mouth from food or drink or teeth brushing before dosing  – including water after – at least 15 minutes before and after each dose.
  • No coffee or black tea should be drunk for at least 1 hour before or after the dose.
  • Do not give more than 6 doses in 24 hours of a remedy.
  • Unless instructed otherwise by your Homeopath, wait at least 1 hour before dosing again to be sure the remedy is not aggravating the symptoms.
  • Standard succussions we recommend AFTER THE  FIRST DOSE with zero succussions are 4 succussions prior to each dose in acutes.
  • Succussions are done to the remedy bottle before each subsequent dose, after the 1st test dose which is taken with no succussions. A succussion is a very hard WHACK, like a judge hitting a gavel, on the palm of your hand or leather bound book.
  • If there is any type of clear aggravation STOP DOSING the remedy and consult your Homeopath.
  • Things should START TO IMPROVE after 3 doses, slowly and gently, if the remedy is correct.
  • Use the same remedy bottle (RSB) is used for all doses, the same spoon and if being used, the same dropper.
  • Track the doses of all remedies and the responses.
  • Things should START TO IMPROVE after 3-6 doses, slowly and gently, if the remedy is correct.
  • Never drink directly from the bottle. This can disturb the progression of potencies.  It can also cause an aggravation (temporary intensification) of your symptoms.
  • Follow your Homeopath’s instructions for any variations on making a remedy from what is stated the above.
  • Track all doses taken and the response.
  • Use the same remedy bottle (RSB) is used for all doses, the same spoon and if being used, the same dropper.

Why Succuss A Remedy?

  • Succussing a remedy makes it slightly stronger between doses and allows the Vital Force (VF) to more readily accept it.
  • Succuss the bottle each time before taking a dose after the first dose.
  • A succussion is a very hard WHACK to the remedy bottle, like a judge hitting a gavel, from 2 feet, on the palm of your hand or leather bound book.
  • Succussions are done to the bottle before dosing, after the first one with no succussion.
  • The first test dose is taken with NO succussions.
  • The standard number succussions we recommend is always 4 succussions prior to each dose.
  • Succussions INCREASE the strength of the remedy, slightly and gently, each time the remedy is succussed then dosed.

Watch The Remedy’s Action

  • If there is a GREAT – striking improvement, stop the remedy.  It worked!
  • If there is a clear aggravation after any doses (the symptoms are much worse), stop the remedy and contact a Homeopath.  You either have the wrong remedy or too strong a potency.
  • If there is some improvement but more is needed, continue dosing.
  • The recommended total is a maximum of 6 doses in 24 hours, in order to fully judge the remedy’s action.
  • Remember, it takes the body TIME for the body to respond to a remedy.
  • Never drink directly from the bottle.  This will destroy the gentle succussion action to the remedy.  It will also contaminate the remedy for future use.
  • When you are done with the acute, throw away the remedy and the bottle.
  • You ALWAYS need to use a fresh, new bottle, new remedy pills, and a new plastic spoon for each acute, each time one occurs.
  • Never share remedy bottles.  Each acute and each person needs their own, as dosing and succussions will vary.

TIP: Judging A Response To An Acute Remedy

  • If there is 75% percent or more improvement, wait and watch.  Let the body continue to heal on it’s own.
  • The physical symptoms should also improve steadily and noticeably in an acute.
  • You will also see improvements that are in mental and emotional symptoms. For example, less anxiety, less clinginess in children, improved general well being, better mood, better overall energy level, etc.  These improvements will come along with the physical improvements.

TIP: How To Extend A Remedy Bottle: 

Making More of the Current Acute Bottle When Almost Empty and You Need More

  • Always keep the last one (1) teaspoon in the remedy bottle.
  • Add 2 new pills of the same remedy and potency as you used initially.
  • All the succussions will transfer to the new bottle.
  • Add the same amount of water to the Remedy Supple Bottle (RSB) as you started out with originally.
  • Keep dosing the same 1 tsp. amount, with the same 4 succussions as before.
  • If you forgot to save the last 1 tsp. of remedy before extending it, then make up a fresh bottle like you originally did (see instructions above) and continue dosing.