Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Homeopathic and nutritional products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Q. Where can I find a qualified Homeopath to assist me with acute or chronic homeopathic care?
Answer:  Please contact us. We will connect  you with expert professional Homeopaths for assistance.

Q. Are homeopathic remedies safe?
Answer:  Yes! There are many clinical studies on homeopathy. The uses for homeopathic products sold on this website are based on traditional homeopathic practice. Homeopathic remedies are subject to the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 1938. In collaboration with the FDA, the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States (IBCUS) has established Good Manufacturing Practice (GPM) standards and procedures for the industry and oversees the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (IBUS).

Q. Are homeopathic remedies regulated?
Answer:  All homeopathic remedies have to be prepared according to stringent regulations for cleanliness, quality, and testing. In more then 70 years of regulation, microdosed homeopathic medicines have established an overwhelming record of safety and effectiveness.

Q. How are homeopathic remedies prepared?
Answer:  Remedies are made by extracting minute doses or energetic imprints from mineral, botanical, and biological substances. The classic approach starts with very carefully selected raw materials and uses dilution and succussion to create gentle yet effective natural homeopathic remedies. The most popular single remedies in the 6C, 12C, 30C, 200C, 1M and 10M potencies and are made in the classical way at a reputable homeopathic lab..  Most very high potencies of CM and MM are made in the classical way, but where indicated some of the CM and MM remedies are made with a radionics machine.   All 10MM potencies (megapotencies) are made with a radionics machine.  All homeopathic products that are made by certified homeopathic pharmacies in the USA are made in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GPM) and the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Homeopathic products sourced from other countries are made under the compliance of the homeopathic pharmacies and polices for those countries.

Q. Who may order from this website?
Answer:  Adults (age 18+) may order homeopathic remedies.

Q: What are your shipping policies and rates?
Answer:  Read about our shipping rates.

Q: What is your privacy policy
Answer: Read about our privacy policy.

Q. What is homeopathy?
Answer:  Read more about homeopathic medicine.

Q. Are there qualified Homeopathic Practitioners that can help me with paid guidance?
Answer:  YES! Read about our associated Homeopathic Practitioners.

Q: How do I avoid antidoting a homeopathic remedy?
Answer:  Read about antidoting a remedy.

Q: Where can I read clinical research on the use of homeopathy?
Answer:  Read clinical research here.

Q: How do I dry dose a remedy?
Answer:  Read the dry dosing a remedy instructions.

Q: How do I water dose a remedy?
Answer:  Read the water dosing a remedy instructions.

Q. What are Bach Flower Remedies
Answer:  Read about the Bach Flower remedies.

Q. What are the Banerji Protocols?
Answer:  Read about the Banerji Protocols.

Q. What are Bowel Nosodes?
Answer:  Read about the Bowel Nosodes.

Q. What are cell salts?
Answer:  Read about the cell salts.

Q. What is Gemmotherapy?
Answer:  Read about gemmotherapy.

Q. What are Matridonial Remedies?
Answer:  Read about matridonial remedies.

Q. What are Megapotency Remedies?
Answer:  Read about megapotency remedies.

Q. What are Nosodes?
Answer:  Read about the Nosodes.

Q. What is Oligotherapy?
Answer: Read about Oligotherapy.

Q. What are Source Resonance (SR) Audio files?
Answer:  Read about Source Resonance (SR) Audio files.