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Vaccine Calculator – Quick Easy Facts About the Vax ™
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Unlimited Reports: Pay for a Daily Rate, Weekly Rate or  Monthly Rate. Reports may be easily edited and updated during the subscription period.

  • Use the Vaccine Calculator to quickly and easily calculate the totals of 55 USA licensed vaccines and their vaccine ingredients, in a matter of minutes!
  • The vaccine ingredients included in the Vaccine Calculator are combined based on actual amounts per vaccine.
  • You will also be given immediate access to the downloadable vaccine inserts per vaccine as well as the adverse reactions stated by each manufacture.
  • The Vaccine Calculator will immediately calculate the totals for all the main ingredients in each vaccine.
    You will immediately seen an report online and also receive a full copy of the date on submission.
  • View your Vaccine Calculator summary online and submit the date. Plus you will receive a detailed report  instantly by email.
  • Each report includes the following vaccine ingredients, based on the type and number of vaccines selected, per person and by age:
      1. Aborted Fetal Cells MRC-5
      2. Aborted Fetal Cells RA 27/3
      3. Aborted Fetal Cells Wistar-38
      4. Aluminum
      5. Antibiotics
      6. DNA – Armyworm/Baculovirus
      7. DNA – Chinese Hamster Ovary
      8. DNA – Dog Kidney
      9. DNA – Vero African Green Monkey
      10. Formaldehyde
      11. Glyphosate
      12. Latex
      13. Live Viruses
      14. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
      15. Phenol
      16. Polysorbate 80
      17. Thimerosal (Mercury)
      18. Urea – by exposures