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Vaccine Calculator – Quick Easy Facts About the Vax ™
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Current Discount For Unlimited Reports: Daily Rate $7.99, Weekly Rate $19.99;  Monthly Rate $29.99.  Reports may be easily edited and updated during the subscription period.

  • Use the Vaccine Calculator to quickly and easily calculate the totals of 53 USA licensed vaccines and their vaccine ingredients, in a matter of minutes! The vaccine ingredients included in the Vaccine Calculator are combined based on actual amounts per vaccine.  You will also be given immediate access to the downloadable inserts per vaccine as well as the adverse reactions stated by each manufacture.
  • The Vaccine Calculator will immediately calculate the totals for all the main ingredients in each vaccine.
    You will immediately seen an report online and also receive a full copy of the date on submission.
  • View your Vaccine Calculator summary online and submit the date.
    You will receive a detailed report  instantly by email!
  • Each report includes these vaccine ingredients, based on the type and number of vaccines selected per person and by age:
      1. Aborted Fetal Cells MRC-5
      2. Aborted Fetal Cells RA 27/3 – by exposures
      3. Aborted Fetal Cells Wistar-38 – by exposures
      4. Aluminum – in mcg
      5. Antibiotics – by exposures
      6. DNA – Armyworm/Baculovirus – by exposures
      7. DNA – Chinese Hamster Ovary – by exposures
      8. DNA – Dog Kidney – by exposures
      9. DNA – Vero African Green Monkey – by exposures
      10. Formaldehyde –  in mcg
      11. Glyphosate – in mcg
      12. Latex – by exposures
      13. Live Viruses – by exposures
      14. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) –  in ppm
      15. Phenol – by exposures
      16. Polysorbate 80 –  in mcg
      17. Urea – by exposures
      18. Thimerosal (Mercury) –  in mcg