AO Scan Builder Pack – Wired – Solex


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    • Share the benefits of AO Scan Technology with some of the most essential tools to build your business!
    • Whether you want to share this technology with your family, friends, or clients, this bundle is for you! Every product included in this pack will help you share with others the opportunity to learn more about their body and how it is performing.
    • Sharing your business with products that facilitate your growth will allow you to have a solid business foundation and tremendous success!
    • The best thing about this bundle is that all the products can be used with the AO Scan Technology on your own device! (Suggested specs when using your own device and Wi-Fi: 64GB 4GB RAM, 40 Mbps internet speed, and 2 GB free space recommended).

    Device and AO Scan Subscription are not included.
    The AO Scan Subscription must be added to your order in addition to this bundle.

    Products In The AO Scan Builder Pack – Wired – Solex Include:

    1. AO Scan Transducer Wired Headset
    2. Lightwave Glasses (Due to overwhelming excitement and demand, this item is on back-order and will ship separately within 60 days)
    3. 660 Band
    4. SEFIdots (60)
    5. SEFIdot Sharing kit
    6. Alpha3 Passes (6 packs)

    The AO Bone Conducting Transducer Wired Headset has been specifically designed to be compatible and optimized for our AO Scanā„¢ Technology to transmit frequencies. This is a wired headset that is lightweight and made from a flexible material.

    • Ergonomic over-the-ear design
    • One size fits most (4.5ā€ width x 6ā€ length)
    • Tri-band male auxiliary jack
    • In-line lapel clip
    • In-line microphone with mute button
    • 50ā€ cord