Natural Fertility Online Survey – Find Your Score!



Natural Fertility Online Survey – Find Your Score For $29.95

Infertility is rising worldwide – but homeopathic protocols and the Natural Fertility Program will help you conceive!

Once you paid you will automatically redirected to the survey.

About The Natural Fertility Online Survey

  • Your paid access is for one (1) time use by one (1) person only.
  • You can immediately complete the Natural Fertility Survey once your fee is processed.
  • Your payment is for one time use.
  • This Survey contains 100 easy to answer questions.
  • Completion time is about 15 ā€“ 20 minutes per survey.
  • Your answers are all kept private and confidential.
  • Once submitted, your Natural Fertility Checklist will be scored immediately so that you can view it online.Ā 
  • You are also provided with a scored, written report by email.
  • You will be provided a written report indicating your scored results based on all questions asked.

Questions In The Natural Fertility Checklist

  • All answers in the Natural Fertility Checklist are scored based on your response to each question as:Ā YES or NO.
  • There are 100 questions in the Natural Fertility Checklist in these categories:
    • Your GeneralĀ Information
    • Your Medical Information
    • Your Menstrual Cycle
    • Your Periods
    • Your Health and Diet
    • Your Lifestyle
  • Your scored report will show your results based on your replies in the Natural Fertility Checklist.
  • Your screen report will also shows these after submission and the emailed report you immediately receive will contains yourĀ and score also.