Homeopathic Constitution Survey – Quickly Find Yours Online For $29!


Homeopathic Constitution Survey Online – $29
Find Your Homeopathic Constitution Online Quickly and Easily!

Please go to this website to complete the online Survey for $29 at www.HomepathicConstitution.com

About This Homeopathic Constitution Survey

  • This On-line Survey contains 168 easy to answer questions.
  • Completion time is about 15 ā€“ 20 minutes per survey.
  • Completing the Survey costs only $29.00 (USD) per survey.
  • There are 15 primary constitutional remedies in homeopathic medicine that classical homeopaths consider when prescribingĀ homeopathy for both acute and chronic conditions.
  • The physical, mental, emotional symptoms that are present along with personā€™s heath history, as well as their homeopathic constitution, impacts the type of homeopathic remedy prescription that will be most helpful to a person.