Wild Wood Vine – Ivy Ampelopsis weitchii Gemmo (50 ml) USA Only



Gemmos (gemmotherapy) are sold in 2 fluid oz. (60ml) bottles.
Average use is 1 bottle a month (using 20 – 40 drops per day).

Affinity: Joints, connective tissue and synoviae.

Indicated For: Anti-inflammatory action in rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative arthrosis (arthritis) with painful and rapid progression; especially in the small joints in the elderly; as a support remedy in chronic affections of the connective tissue.

Known for the treatment of local indurations of fibrous tissue that takes the place of a tendon in sheet like muscles, ligament and muscle due to the formation of fibrous tissues.Ā  It is very known for the hardening of the palmer fibrous tissue in Dupuytren’s Disease, is an abnormal thickening of the tissue just beneath the skin. It is also used for fibromylagia.