Jigsaw MagPure™ Malate – 120ct (60 Servings)



Jigsaw MagPure™ Malate
120ct (60 Servings)

MagPure™ Malate delivers 100 mg of pure elemental magnesium malate per capsule using minimal other ingredients and utilizes the highly bioavailable form, Dimagnesium Malate, exclusively from Albion Labs.*We specifically designed this Magnesium supplement for those who want Magnesium andĀ nothing else. Ā That’s why we called it MagPure™.

The only other ingredients are the vegetable capsule and L-leucine.

L-leucine is an essential amino acid that has a natural slipperiness to it. Because of this, we’re able to use it as an anti-caking agent during the manufacturing process, as opposed to stearate or stearic acid. Ā So not only does L-Leucine keep the capsulation machines from “gunking” up,Ā you’re also providing your body with an “essential” amino acid,Ā meaning you must obtain it through your diet.