Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology – Home Stool Test



    Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology – Home Stool Test

    This stool test kit is non-refundable once ordered.

    Note: This is a home collection stool test kit that will be mailed to you.

    Doing this test will help you determine your level of bacteria, gut flora, good and bad bacteria, yeast cultures, inflammation and parasites so that appropriate homeopathic detox remedies can be used to clear the body of parasites.

    List of Ova & Parasites Tested
    1. ascaris lumbricoides – round worm
    2. blastocystis hominis
    3. charcot-leyden crystals
    4. chilomasttix mesnili
    5. clonorchis sinensis – trematode
    6. cryptosporidium
    7. dientamoeba fragillis
    8. endoliman nana
    9. entamoeba coli
    10. entamoeba hartmanni
    11. entamoeba histolytica
    12. enterobium vermicularis – pinworm
    13. giardia lamblia
    14. hookworm sp.
    15. iodamoeba buexchlii
    16. schistosoma mansonii-trematode
    17. strongyloides stercoralis-nematode
    18. taenia sp.
    19. tapeworm
    20. trichuris trichiura – whipworm
    21. trichomonas hominis
    22. worms and ova of parasites
    The Comprehensive Stool Analysis measures key markers of digestion, absorption, and intestinal function, including a comprehensive bacteriology and yeast culture, GI pathogens, parasitology, macroscopic appearance, stool chemistries, bacterial susceptibilities and yeast/susceptibilities.
    See detailed list of markers below organized by clinically important groups:

    Bacterial Culture

    1. Yeast (Mycology) Culture
    2. GI Pathogens ā€“ Multiplex PCR
    3. Parasitology (Microscopy)

    Other Markers

    1. Macroscopic Appearance
    2. Stool Chemistries
    3. Bacterial Susceptibilities
    4. Yeast/Susceptibilities