Banerji Protocol For Acid Indigestion




Banerji Protocol For Acid Indigestion

For professional Homeopath guidance with any Banerji Protocol please contact us.

Banerji Protocol For Acid Indigestion

  • Nat Phos 6X (#10) cell salts.
  • Take 10 pills dry before all meals and large snacks.
  • Continue dosing as needed, either short term or long term for acid indigestion and reflux.
  • Nat Phos 6X cell salts help to adjust stomach acid levels to the proper level for improved digestion without suppressive drugs.
  • If there are no marked improvements, contact a professional Homeopath for guidance.

We recommend that those following this protocol also do a hair test. Purchase a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test here.

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