12 Cell Salts Kit – 6X (2 dram lactose free)

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12 Cell Salts Kit – 6X (2 dram – lactose free)

NO SPECIFIC DOSING INSTRUCTIONS ARE PROVIDED WITH THIS KIT. Ā Contact a professional Homeopath for paid individualized dosing.

Download general information on your receipt about the basic uses of each ofĀ  the homeopathic cell salts.

The 12 Cell Salt Kit (6X) includes all of the cell salts that are listed below in a 2 dram glass vial for each. Remedies use medicated organic sucrose pills. Each 2 dram vial contains 250 pills. The dose is 3 to 5 pills.

  1. Calcarea Fluor. 12X
  2. Calcarea Phos.12X
  3. Calcarea Sulph. 12X
  4. Ferrum Phos. 12X
  5. Kali Mur.12X
  6. Kali Phos. 12X
  7. Kali Sulph. 12X
  8. Magnesium Phos. 12X
  9. Natrum Mur. 12X
  10. Natrum Phos. 12X
  11. Natrum Sulph. 12X
  12. Silicea (Silica) 12X