Cotton (various potencies)




Available in 2 dram pellets. C4 or C5 titrations.

Suggested Uses:

Strong, powerful cleansing of the DNA. Healing after lasers and surgery. Cholesterol and clearing out of arteries. Agitation, debility. Adrenal exhaustion. Sexual dysfunction. States of weakness. Light headedness. Imbalance in sugar metabolism. Lack of oxygen making everything dull. Leaning to the left. Bring coolness to burning pains. Premature hair loss (men and women). Balances energy.

Physically helps: the head (pain in the occiput, clenching, tension, injuries), the eyes (nystagmus, cataracts, no color, color blindness, vision not sharp or bright, physical degeneration, fluid balance), throat (closed, catarrh, soreness, tight, clenched, leading to pain R ear, thyroid and associated weight problems), ears (deep pain R ear connected with tongue), lungs (asthma, difficulty of breathing, irritation of larynx, coughing, lung cancer constriction of lungs) also helps attunement of breath in meditation and depends awareness of breath, abdomen (swelling, frequent stools, hemorrhoids, diabetes, sensation in solar plexus), organs of digestion (spleen, stomach, liver, pancreas), sleep (waking early, lying awake, wakefulness, disturbances, body clock not working, out of synch), tumors and cancer (pre-cancerous cell changes, benign tumors, growths), can reduce cancerous tumors very effectively, can soak up negativity and transmute it, catarrh (thick, heavy).

Helpful for night workers.


Additional information


LM1, LM3, LM6, 12C, 15C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M


2 dram glass vial


C4, C5