Bloodtwig Dogberry – Cornus sanguinea Gemmo (50 ml) USA Only



Also known as Dogwood.

Gemmos (gemmotherapy) are sold in 1.7 fluid oz. (50ml) bottles.
Average use is 1 bottle a month (using 20 – 40 drops per day).

Indicated For:

  • Brings endocrine function into balance
  • Anti-necrotic (in first stages of post infarct)
  • Anticoagulant (for sticky, thick, or elevated platelets)

Therapeutic actions

  • Enhances the normal physiology of clotting, thereby maintaining blood fluidity
  • Helps impending infarction
  • Anti-necrotic properties on tissues
  • Drains arteries on the arterial level and is anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-thrombotic remedy
  • Stimulates bone marrow
  • Stimulates kupffer cells of the liver

Clinical Indications

  • Cardiovascular system: acute thrombosis, acute necrosis, infarction (first stages), post stent surgery, coronary insufficiency, coronaritis
  • Bipolar disorder: issues of blood coagulation- anticoagulant when heparin resistance test is high
  • Tonic action on arteries during atherosclerosis
  • Renal system: active in nephrosis
  • Glandular system: (for endrocrine balancing through drainage): major remedy for hypothyroidism with thyrotoxicosis, goitre, exopthalmia
  • Hyperparathyroidism