Fig Tree – Ficus carica Gemmo (50 ml) USA Only




Gemmos (gemmotherapy) are sold in 1.7 fluid oz. (50ml) bottles.
Average use is 1 bottle a month (using 20 – 40 drops per day).

Indicated For:

  • Opening elimination channels and support the kidneys.
  • Helps regulate the endocrine system and alleviate psychosomatic disorders.
  • An excellent remedy for stress and stomach related issues; herniated diaphragms, ulcers, gastritis, colitis.
  • Positive effect on bulimia.
  • Stomach Drainer
  • Used for PTSD – post traumatic stress syndrome after head injury, post concussion syndrome.
  • Anxiety neurosis, depression, duodenal ulcer, facial neuralgia, bulimia, dyspepsia, mania, anemia, headaches, psychosomatic disorders, colitis, vertigo, depression.
  • Stress relaxant, antidepressant, quiets rushing thoughts that do not allow for sleep, settles emotions, increases dreaming.

Combine with Alnus glutinosa (European Alder) for gastro-duedenal ulcer.

Combine with Juglans regia (European Walnut) for chronic eczema, psoriasis, chronic digestive problems.