AO Scan – Inner Voice Analysis with Report & Audio Files

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    AO Scan – Inner Voice Analysis with Report & Audio Files

    An AO scan is a frequency based bioresonance scan using scalar technology and quantum physics using the AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer software with a Certified Homeopathic Practitioner trained in its advanced use

    It is not a diagnosis of a medical condition.

    You will receive an AO Scan – Inner Voice with Report & Audio Files including the following along with frequency optimization done at the time of scanning and a detailed written report by email.

    You will also receive audio files that exactly match your voice frequencies to listen to a  of 5 minutes, twice daily for 30 days

    At the end of 30 days the Inner Voice is run again in order to generate new audio files.

    About The Inner-Voice ScanImage of the Inner Voice Graphs

    • The Inner-Voice technology is designed to accurately capture and analyze the data it receives from your voice and match it with the harmonics of the body and which organs are most effected by the emotions that are projecting through the frequencies of the  voice.
    • Your voice frequency cannot be disguised – only balanced or unbalanced.
    • Inner-Voice then focuses on the three (3) notes or octaves that are excessively out of balance, meaning they are being over compensated for, as well as the one (1) octave that is being most suppressed.
    • Inner-Voice imports your 10 second voice recording and immediately analyzes your voice against at 7,000+ voice frequencies that range from 16.35 hertz to 7902 hertz, over 12 notes with 9 octaves.
    • The 12 defined notes or frequencies are for  all of these: C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A# and B.

      • C  =  RED = ROOT CHAKRA (#1) = represents being unacknowledged vs. self validation.
      • C# = RED/ORANGE = represents being repetitive vs. creative.
      • D = ORANGE = SOLAR PLEXIS CHAKRA (#2) = represents sadness vs. inner peace.
      • D# = GOLD = being emotional disconnection vs. emotionally integrated.
      • E =  YELLOW = HEART CHAKRA (#3) = represents self critical vs. self love.
      • F = LIME = THROAT CHAKRA (#4) = represents conditional love vs. unconditional love.
      • F# = GREEN =  represents anger vs. acceptance of change.
      • G = BLUE =  THIRD EYE CHAKRA (#5) represents  being fearful and overwhelmed vs. accountability.
      • G# = DARK BLUE = represents suppression emotional expression vs. appropriate expression.
      • A# = VIOLET = represents unworthy and undeserving vs. self accepting.
      • A = PURPLE = CROWN CHAKRA (#6) = represents rigid beliefs vs. being open to possibilities.
      • B = MAGENTA = represents conflicting beliefs vs. current beliefs and actions.
    • The 3 highest frequencies of the voice represents emotions that we are most aware of and are trying to overcompensate for.
    • The 1 lowest frequency represent the main emotion(s) that are suppressed. (See the reference book “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die”.)
    • The lowest tone in the frequency represents suppressed emotions that can be going way back to birth or early childhood. During a person’s conception and pregnancy, each of us experiences the emotions of our mother in the womb and these feelings are also addressed by the Inner Voice Scan.
    • Every single note produces a series of tones called the “overtone series”. The human ear tends to hear these subtle variations as essentially the same.
    • The sounds we hear such as a song on the radio effect us emotionally and our emotions can be changed very rapidly based on the sounds that we hear.
    • Emotions are connected to sounds and sounds impact our brain waves and that activates distress or happiness in our body.
    • The colors that associated with the Inner Voice scan (see image above) may be coincidentally like those of the body’s energy chakra’s, but it was not specifically designed that way.
    • Each tone or frequency has its own color and the Inner-Voice colors are the color of their associated tone (see image above).
    • Emotions and feelings can change constantly and quickly! These emotions cause the physical body to either expand (positive emotions) or contract (negative emotions).
    • Positive emotions are high frequencies and include: joy, happiness,  awareness, self love, self awareness, self discipline, inspiration and most importantly – gratitude.  These are the positive high frequencies and emotions and when we vibrate with positive emotions we overpower and push away and dissolve the the negative frequencies.
    • Negative emotions are low frequencies and include: jealousy, resentment, anxiety, desperation, feeling unfulfilled, feeling confused, extreme fatigue and unforgiveness.  These are the negative emotions that hold us back in life.
    • The SPANE scale – “Scale of Positive and Negative Experience” measures the levels of positive and negative experiences.  Emotions can register on either side
    • Organs are effected by emotions as well.  For example,  anger weakens the liver, fear weakens the kidney, worry weakens the stomach, grief weakens the the lungs and stress weakens the heart and the brain.   For example, as the hearts become weaker, it will literally show heartache in mitocardial damage.  Low self esteem will always impact the spleen and the pancreas.
    • Inner-Voice scan takes the physical and the emotional and joins them together into harmony by applying radionics or RAD tones that will balance out the incorrect or unhealthy frequency while offering the correct frequency to bring about a balanced state for the emotional or physical frequencies that are scanned.
    • The Inner-Voice recording diminishes frequencies that are in excess and supplements frequencies that we lack.
    • The music that AO Scan associates with the Inner-Voice is NOT the therapy, it is just for comfort.
    • The therapeutic impact  is in the underlying tone of the audio recording with music added to it.
    • To review some examples to help understand this concept of energy and belief systems, read this article
    • For more information related to  music theory, please read this article.

    The Inner-Voice audios that are generated help to harmonize a person’s everyday life by improving:

    • Concentration
    • Creativity
    • Mindfulness
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Stress Management
    • Interpersonal Relationships