Acute Remedy Kit For Moms 200C – 5 Remedies + Case (Boiron)



Acute Remedy Kit For Moms 200C – 5 Remedies + Case (Boiron)

This Acute Kit includes the top 5 top remedies for Moms in a 200C potency for keeping in your purse or diaper bag.

  • Includes the protective plastic Mini Kit CaseĀ  that holds 4 – 5 remedies (Boiron vials).
  • Includes theseĀ  5 homeopathic remedies in 200CK potency for Moms and their most common uses:
  1. Arnica 200CK – #1 remedy used initially for trauma, blunt blows, concussions, bruises.
  2. Arsenicum Album 200CK – anxiety about health,Ā  diarrhea, food poisoning, GI upsets, flu, vomiting.
  3. Bell. 200CK – fever, ear infections intense throbbing pain, sudden migraines or headaches.
  4. Calendula 200CK – cuts and lacerations, scraped knees and elbows, skin infections, diaper rashes.
  5. Ignatia 200CK –Ā  anxiety, grief, shock of bad news, stress and meltdown