Weight Loss Support – 7 Combo 12C (2 dram)



Weight Loss Support – 7 Combo (2 dram)

This homeopathic product is specifically designed to support boosting metabolism and reducing appetite in order to support a healthy weight loss. It can safely be used other homeopathic remedies and weight loss protocols.

The Weight Loss Support combination contains all of the Ā following:

  1. Adrenal Gland 12C
  2. Hypothalamus 12C
  3. Liver 12C
  4. Pancreas 12C
  5. Pineal Gland 12C
  6. Thymus Gland 12C
  7. Thyroidinum (Thyroid Gland) 12C

Suggested Dosing:

  • A single dose is 2 pills.
  • Dissolve the pills under the tongue.
  • Keep all doses at least 15 minutes before or after food, drink or teeth brushing.
  • Take 1 dose first thing in the morning on waking.
  • Take a 2nd dose in 2 hours, on the mid morning.
  • You may Ā also take a dose before a meal or before any food cravings.
  • After a week, add a 3rd dose for a total of 3 doses daily.
  • Continue your weight loss routine with healthy eating habits and moderate daily exercise.
  • Continue daily on the Weight Loss Support forĀ  a minimum of 90 days or until the weight loss goals are achieved.
  • Weight Loss Ā Support can be used safely with other supplements or weight loss medications.

About This Combination Product

  • Weight Loss Support is a homeopathic combination that helps to address a sluggish thyroid, excess appetite, and low metabolism.
  • It helps to the glands functioning as a group and prevents further imbalances that are often an issue for those with low energy and weight gain.
  • This homeopathic glandular support remedy can help those who find it hard to lose weight by rebalancing and improving the function of key glands that are each involved in metabolism and weight management.
  • Weight Loss Support includes homeopathic remedies to enhance metabolism and fat burning:
      • Adrenal Gland – imbalances can increase blood flow and weight gain. It helps with stress eating and rob avoid adrenal exhaustion.
      • Hypothalamus – responsible for hunger and appetite and can help to curb hunger, overeating and the regulation of appetite. It can help decrease food intake and increases energy output. Ā Supporting the hypothalamus is useful in a weight loss program. A balanced hypothalamus is responsible for normal appetite and provides messages for normal appetite and prevents overeating. Hypothalamus regulation of adipose tissue produces a signal that is proportionate to the amount of fat and acts on the hypothalamus to decrease food intake and increase energy output. Ā The hormone leptin also acts on the hypothalamus to decrease food intake and increase energy output.
      • Liver – improves your fat burning and boosts metabolism.
      • Pancreas – supports plays in the digestive and endocrine systems.
      • Pineal Gland – supports the production of melatonin, a serotonin-derived hormone, which modulates sleep patterns following the diurnal cycles.
      • Thymus Gland – produces and trains T-cells, the white blood cells that help your immune system fight disease and infection as part of the lymphatic system and endocrine system.
      • Thyroid –Ā  helps to boost metabolism and to improve daily energy. It controls the body’s metabolic rate. Imbalances in thyroid function can result in weight gain as well as cold hands and feet and low energy both physically and mentally.

Contains 250 in a 2 dram glass vial of medicated sucrose pills.

Homeopathic and nutritional products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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