Remedy Potencies and Dosing

Remedy Potencies and Dosing

For professional guidance with Potency Selection and Remedies selection and dosing advice please contact one of our associated Homeopathic Practitioners.

General Potency Selection Guide

The following guidelines apply to self-prescribing of homeopathic remedies for simple, self-limiting complaints.

  • Low Potencies are considered to beĀ 6C and below.
  • Medium Potencies are considered to beĀ 30C and 200C.
  • High Potencies are considered to beĀ 1M, 10M and above.
  • Lower potencies such as 6C cover a wide range of symptoms, so are best used if you are not certain that you have chosen the best remedy for your symptoms for self-treatment.

About High PotenciesĀ 

  • Higher potencies ofĀ 1M, 10M and above need to match symptoms more precisely if a curative response is to be triggered.
  • A general guideline that that the higher the potency, the longer the effect.
  • A 6C potency may need to be repeated every 1 ā€“ 2 hours for a period to improve symptoms while a 1M potency may only have to be given once.
  • Medium potencies such as 30C are a good choice for home prescribers who have some familiarity with homeopathy.

DosingĀ A RemedyĀ 

  • Just two (2) pills are considered to be a single dose, regardless of the size of the pills.
  • For very intense acutes, take two (2) pills of the remedy every 15 minutes.
  • Dose less often for milder acute symptoms, such as once every to 1 to 4 hours.
  • Once symptom improvements are established, stop dosing the remedy only repeat the remedy only if the symptoms return.
  • If there is NO improvements at all by 6 doses in 24 hours, choose a different remedy or seek aĀ professional Homeopathā€™s guidance.
  • Improvement should be noticed in 24 hours if the correct remedy has been selected.