Tick Bite & Lyme Disease Acute Kit + Protocol (6 Remedies)



Tick Bite & Lyme Disease Acute Kit (6 Remedies)

Remedies are 1/2 dram each.

About This Kit: This Kit contains the 6 most common basic homeopathic remedies used for tick bites to help a person avoid possible Lyme Disease.

Note: This kit does NOT come with customized, personal dosing advice or instructions for a person with a  Lyme disease diagnosis.  This type of advice requires Homeopathic Practitioner on a fee basis.

General dosing instructions are provided below. For personal guidance with using this kit, you will need to have professional help.

The Tick Bite & Lyme Disease Acute Kit contains:

  1. Anacadium 200C
  2. Aurum Arsenicum 200C
  3. China Officinalis 200C
  4. Kalmia 200C
  5. Ledum 200C
  6. Rhus Tox 200C

Ledum 200C Dosing Instructions For New Tick Bites:

  • Dose as soon as possible after a tick bite.
  • Be sure to save the tick and preserve it in alcohol in a glass jar for so possible future lab testing.
  • Dosing is 3 doses a day for 3 consecutive days.
  • Dissolve 2 pills under the tongue.
  • Do not antidote the remedy.
  • Keep all doses a minimum of 30 minutes before and after food, drink including water and teeth brushing.

General Information About Commonly Used Remedies After A Tick Bite

The following protocol using Ledum 200C and Aurum Arsenicum 200C is based on one developed in Germany for the homeopathic protocol  for Lyme after a tick bite that has been used successfully in hundreds of people.  It is not meant to replace the need for careful observation and diagnosis following a bite, but has been observed to be a very useful homeopathic approach.  The additional remedies included in the kit are to be used in the event that symptoms do develop.

These are a some of the most frequently used remedies for Lyme. It is suggested that you work with a homeopath directly as the best way to find the optimally individualized remedy to address possible ongoinf Lyme symptoms.

Homeopathy For A New Tick Bite

Use the following directions for adults, children, and pets as soon as an embedded tick is discovered, or a tick bite is suspected:

  • Make sure the tick is removed in its entirety; often the head can be left if improperly removed.
  • SAVE THE TICK in a plastic bag, in case confirmation of Lyme is needed.
  • On the day of the bite or discovery of a tick, and for the two following days, take 3 doses of 2 pills dissolved in the mouth of Ledum 200C – once in the morning, afternoon then again once at night.
  • Repeat this for 3 consecutive days.
  • On the 6th and 12th days following the bite, take one dose of 2 pills dry dissolved under the tongue of Aurum Arsenicosum 200C. This is an anti-miasmatic prescription that is being found to be very helpful in treatment and prophylaxis of Lyme.
  • Do not antidote the remedy.
  • Keep all doses a minimum of 30 minutes before and after food, drink including water and teeth brushing.

Additional Homeopathic Support For Lyme Symptoms

  • Anacardium – low self-esteem, intrusive ‘bad’ thoughts, tense and restless in the body
  • China – aversion to touch with skin sensitivity, gloomy with emotive outbursts, insomnia
  • Kalmia – pain extends from above downward, facial neuralgia, stiffness around eyes, sudden joint pain worse motion
  • Rhus Tox – easily angered, irritable, with joint pain that is worse cold and better with movement.

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