Graphene Oxide Chord 30C-10M (2 dram)



Graphene Oxide Chord. Contains 35+ in a 1/2 dram or 250+ in a 2 dram of medicated sucrose pills in a glass vial.
Graph. Ox.

The contains 30C,  200C, 1M, 10M potencies.

Graphene oxide is a nano-technology material that is nearly a room temperature superconductor.  It can form sheets, rods, tubes, has an affinity for electrically active tissue (heart, brain and nerves) and passes the blood brain barrier.  It is made out of carbon which has 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons (6,6,6) combined with oxygen.

NO DOSING INSTRUCTIONS ARE PROVIDED WITH THIS PRODUCT.  Contact a Homeopathic Practitioner for dosing instructions.

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2 Dram Vial, Pill Vial