Covid Vaccine Adverse Reactions – Homeopathic Protocol (1 month)



Covid Vaccine Adverse Reactions – Homeopathic Protocol (1 month)

This order will ship from more than one labs at different times. Tracking e-mails will be provided.Ā 

The detailed dosing Ā instructions will be e-mailed from a Homeopathic Practitioner after the purchase.

Purchase access to an online Transmission / Shedding Checklist here.

  • This basic homeopathic protocol is used Ā for all types Covid vaccine adverse reactions and can be used for all ages and all Covid vaccines.
  • This order contains homeopathic remedies and detailed dosing instructions that are provided after purchase.
  • This order also contains 3 bottles of NANO SOMAĀ® Spray (30 ml), which is a nutritional supplement which is used during the entire protocol.Ā  Read more about NANO SOMAĀ®Ā here.
  • There are many types adverse reactions, symptoms and new health issues appearing and now reported on millions people who areĀ  CV vaccinated.
  • Adverse reactions and symptoms from Covid vaccines include a wide variety of symptoms depending on age and gender.
  • Covid vaccine adverse Ā events and symptoms appear more often in women than in men.