Banerji Protocol For Acute Renal (Kidney) Failure



Banerji Protocol For Acute Renal (Kidney) Failure

For professional Homeopath guidance with any Banerji Protocol please contact us.

The remedies in this protocol will ship from two homeopathic suppliers and will arrive at different times.

Opening Dose: This dose is for chronic conditions where other homeopathic remedies have already been given. Before all Banerji Protocols for anyone over the age of 1 year you open with Camphora 200.  Just one (1) dose is given of 2 pills dissolved under the tongue.

Do Not Antidote: Keep the Camphora dose a minimum of 30 minutes before after any food, drink or teeth brushing. You must wait at least 24 hours before beginning any other dosing.

Acute Renal Failure:  Sudden onset and worsening of kidney function within hours or days and includes symptoms like swelling, nausea, vomiting, hypertension, retention of urine, anorexia, etc.  Improvement occurs over several months.

Chronic Renal Failure: This is long standing and progressive deterioration of kidney function.  We recommend that you must seek help from a licensed physician for this type of health issue and not rely on this protocol.

Banerji Protocol For Acute Renal Failure

  • Medorrhinum 200C one dose every other day.
  • Lycopodium clavatum 30C liquid (liquid dose is 3 drops in 1 tablespoon of water) and  with Cantharis 200CK, as 2 pills with each given every 3 hours  in alternation.
  • Aconitum napellus 6X two doses given daily.
  • Arsenicum album 6C for nausea, vomiting and shortness of break can be repeated every 5 minutes in very acutes kidney failure conditions until the condition improves.
  • Keep all doses 30 minutes before or after food, drink and teeth brushing.
  • If there are no marked improvements, contact a professional Homeopath for guidance.

We recommend that those following this protocol also do a hair test. Purchase a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test here.

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