Autopathy Consultation

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Autopathy Consultation

Autopathy is method of advanced homeopathy that uses an “Autopathic remedy” which is made exactly to match the energy field of a person, from a person’s own breath, saliva or “Prana” (also know as the Vital Force, Chi, or Spirit) energy.

  • Autopathy can be used for any complex chronic health issues that include spiritual, mental, emotional and physical issues that severely challenge a person’s state of health.
  • Consultations are available by Skype for guidance in this method.
  • Each autopathic remedy preparation is made by the person themselves, at home and is an exact match to the person.
  • Preparing an autopathic remedy follows a precise method and requires the separate purchase of an autopathy bottle (about $45) and also a clean gas burner (about $30).
  • Each autopathy bottle may be used for up to 3 months before it must be replaced.
  • Fee includes the first 30 days of once a week follow up (total of 4 follow ups) and check in by email.
  • Additional monthly fees apply for ongoing email based consulting care for autopathy clients.
  • All fees are non-refundable once paid.


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