Lyme Disease Acute Care Remedy Kit (6) (2 dram)



Lyme Disease Acute Care Remedy Kit (6 Remedies)

NO CUSTOMIZED DOSING INSTRUCTIONS ARE PROVIDED WITH THIS KIT.  Contact a professional Homeopath for individualized dosing.

About This Lyme Kit: This Kit contains the most common basic homeopathic remedies used for Lyme Disease.

General dosing instructions are provided below.

For personal guidance with using this kit, contact a professional Homeopath for individualized dosing.

The Lyme Kit Acute Kit contains 6 remedies made with medicating tinctures on sucrose pills:

  1. Aurum Arsenicum 200C
  2. Bab. 200C
  3. Bart. 200C
  4. Borr. 200C
  5. Ledum 200C
  6. Rhus Tox 200C

Ledum 200C Dosing Instructions For Current Tick Bites:

  • Dose as soon as possible after a tick bite.
  • Be sure to save the tick and preserve it in alcohol in a glass jar for so possible future lab testing.
  • Dosing is 3 doses a day for 3 consecutive days.
  • Dissolve 2 pills under the tongue.
  • Do not antidote the remedy.
  • Keep all doses a minimum of 30 minutes before and after food, drink including water and teeth brushing.

General Information About The Acute Lyme Kit and Protocol Commonly Used

The following protocol using Ledum 200C and Aurum Arsenicosum (Arsenicum) 200C is based on one developed in Germany for the homeopathic protocol  for Lyme after a tick bite that has been used successfully in hundreds of people.  It is not meant to replace the need for careful observation and diagnosis following a bite, but has been observed to be a very useful homeopathic approach.  The additional remedies included in the kit are to be used in the event that symptoms do develop, or in the case of existing chronic Lyme infections or flares.

While they are some of the most frequently used remedies in the treatment of Lyme it’s important to note that working with a homeopath directly is the best way to find the optimally individualized remedy to address chronic Lyme symptoms.

Homeopathy For A New Tick Bite

Use the following directions for adults, children, and pets as soon as an embedded tick is discovered, or a tick bite is suspected:

  • Make sure the tick is removed in its entirety; often the head can be left if improperly removed.
  • SAVE THE TICK in a plastic bag, in case confirmation of Lyme is needed.
  • On the day of the bite or discovery of a tick, and for the two following days, take 3 doses of 2 pills dissolved in the mouth of Ledum 200C – once in the morning, afternoon then again once at night.
  • Repeat this for 3 consecutive days.
  • On the 6th and 12th days following the bite, take one dose of 2 pills dry dissolved under the tongue of Aurum Arsenicosum (Arsenicum) 200C. This is an anti-miasmatic prescription that is being found to be very helpful in treatment and prophylaxis of Lyme.
  • Do not antidote the remedy.
  • Keep all doses a minimum of 30 minutes before and after food, drink including water and teeth brushing.

Homeopathic Approaches When Lyme Symptoms Develop After A Tick Bite

If new symptoms of Lyme Disease develop,  one or more of the Lyme-related nosodes can help to boost the body’s response to the infection.  Give 1 dose for 3 consecutive days of the most appropriate remedy.

  • Borr. Nosode – the most common tick-borne disease with early symptoms that may include fever, headache, and fatigue. A rash occurs in 70% of infected persons at the site of the tick bite after a delay of 3 to 30 days.
  • Bab. Nosode – this is a Lyme co-infection that results in symptoms of fever, chills, night sweats, weight loss, numbness, tingling, OCD, anxiety and depression.
  • Bart. Nosode – this is a Lyme co-infection that attacks the surface of the gut lining and also causes skin problems, sharp pains on the soles of the feet, painful migraines, and the sensation of something crawling under the skin.


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